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2014 Year

We entered into strategic cooperation agreements with COFCO Wo Mai Wang Co., Ltd. (中糧我買網有限公司) and COFCO Industrial Food Import and Export Co., Ltd. (中糧工業食品進出口有限公司), affiliates of COFCO
Fund, in November 2014. We are entitled to priority rights in selling our edible fungi products through the e-commerce platform and distribution channels operated by them respectively.

2012 Year
  Our brand   was recognised as Well-known Trademark in China (中國馳 名商標).

2011 Year
  Greenfresh Business School was established. We were recognised as a Top Ten Chinese Canned Food Enterprise for Exports of 2011 (2011年度中國罐 頭(出口 )十強企業 )  and  National  Agricultural  Industrialisation  Key Leading Enterprise (農業產業化國家重點龍頭企業).