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China GreenFresh Group Co.,Ltd found in 1995,we are a leading integrated supplier of edible fungi products in the PRC. we were the largest producer of king trumpet mushroom and the seventh largest supplier of button mushroom in the PRC in terms of production volume in 2013, Our edible fungi business operations are vertically integrated, covering the cultivation and sales of fresh edible fungi produce as well as the manufacturing and sales of various processed edible fungi products. We are also a manufacturer of processed food products such as canned food and other processed food products in the PRC.

The company has received numerous awards and honors, including National Agricultural Industrialisation Key Leading Enterprise (農業產業化國家重點龍頭企業) 、Top Ten Chinese Canned Food Enterprise for Exports (中国罐头出口十强企业)、Well-known Trademark in China (中國馳名商標) 、National Top Ten  Innovative Brands of  Canned Food of  2013 (2013年度全國罐頭食品十大創新品牌)、National Top Ten Edible Fungi Industrialisation Production Enterprise (全國食用菌產業化建設十強企業)

We have an nationwide and extensive distribution and sales network consisting of distribution channels operated by distributors, our distribution and sales network spreads over 19 provinces, autonomous region and municipalities in the PRC. We sell our canned food to trading companies in the PRC, which then on-sell our products to distributors in more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

We believe our strong brand recognition and leading position in the edible fungi market in the PRC is partly contributed by our strong research and development team,we have established the Fujian Academician Expert Work Station (福建省院士專家工作站) in collaboration with Engineering Research Center of Edible and Medicinal Fungi of Ministry of Education of the PRC (食藥用菌教育部工程研究中心) in November 2012. The Fujian Academician Expert Work Station is responsible for the research and development on strains, formula, cultivation processes and deep processing of edible fungi and other biological technologies. In addition, we entered into a two-year service agreement with Mr. Li Yu, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (中國工程院) and a professor of Jilin Agricultural University (吉林農業大學), pursuant to which we appointed Mr. Li Yu as the chief technology consultant of our Group. We believe that our strong research and development capabilities will continue to contribute to our growth and profitability.